What is more important to Connecticut Homeowners; The Brand Name of the Furnace, Boiler or Air Conditioning Equipment or the Connecticut Heating & Cooling Contractor you hire to do the work?

Thursday, December 1st, 2011 by Wayne Krasnow

Choosing a new furnace, boiler or cooling system for your home can be an intimidating process. There are nearly 100 different brands of furnace and boilers, and thousands of different models. I visit many homes in Connecticut that are in need of a new furnace or boiler and I am always amazed when I get to see their existing heating system These heating systems were unsafe, unhealthy and just a mess in general. Many of these furnaces and boilers were installed by homeowners, a friend in the business or even a licensed contractor. Heating & Air Conditioning systems can be complex in terms of installation. The installation process of a furnace, boiler or air conditioning unit may seem simple but in reality it requires many skills all bunched up into the HVAC profession; such as, high voltage electrical, low voltage electrical, carpentry, plumbing, roofing, costs of asphalt shingle roofs, refrigeration and… oh yeah, a CODE OF ETHICS!

Should you be more concerned about the installing contractor or the brand name? Any furnace, boiler or central air conditioning equipment that is on the market today will give good service if properly installed and sized. Poorly installed equipment will not give good service, regardless of the brand and the best possible assistance. Part of a “brands” popularity is name recognition. This is gained by advertising, it doesn’t make the brand any better, but it does make certain brands jump out when HVAC equipment is mentioned. This costs money and a large part of the high cost of many “brand name” units is the dollars spent on advertising. And what happens if your “home comfort system” isn't working correctly after it is installed? Will the manufacturer send a technician to solve the problem? Typically the answer is NO! The manufacturer expects the contractor who installed the HVAC equipment to deal with this issue. This is yet another reason that you need to choose your CT Heating Contractor carefully. Depending on the family size, you may prefer to move a house as well. Click here to learn more about USDA home loans rates. A furnace, boiler or central air conditioner is a big-ticket item. You can expect to spend anywhere from $2000 to $10,000 or more by the time your new heating and/or AC system is installed and working. And, you should expect to enjoy (or resent!) your home comfort system for the next 25 years or more! If you are the daring “Do It Yourself” homeowner, remember, a faulty furnace or boiler installation can hurt the efficiency, the family and the longevity your heating unit as well as possibly voiding the warranty.

It really makes sense to hire a professional and ethical CT HVAC contractor to do the work. A qualified HVAC contractor with good experience installing heating or air conditioning systems will ensure proper set up and the adjustments required to get the efficiency it is capable of. You will get the energy savings you expect and the kind of durability you should get when it is correctly installed. Contact Air, Inc. 1-844-359-5454 to see how we can help you make the right decisions regarding your home heating system. Reference: Ambrose Air: AC repair company in Orlando.

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