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Replace your old traditional water heater with an energy-efficient replacement

Every homeowner knows just how frustrating it can be to run out of hot water right in the middle of a shower. This problem is only accentuated the more people you have taking showers in the morning. In a busy household of about four people, it is almost guaranteed that someone will be taking a cold shower. At least that is the case with a traditional water heater.

A tankless on-demand water heater will never let you run out of hot water. As the water passes through the tankless on-demand water heater it is instantly and constantly heated, even while you are using the hot water. The system also turns off the moment you turn off the hot water, saving you energy and money.

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Why choose a tankless on-demand water heater?

  • Comfort & Convenience: Conventional water heaters run out of hot water frequently regardless of whether you have a 30, 40, or even 50-gallon tank. A tankless on-demand water heater avoids this problem by constantly heating the water as it passes through, ensuring you don't run out in the middle of your shower.
  • Efficiency: Tankless on-demand water heaters boast efficiencies up to 99%. In contrast, traditional tank-type water heaters have a mere 58% to 68% efficiency rating. They also turn off when you turn off the hot water, thus reducing the amount of wasted energy.
  • Space Saving: Tankless on-demand water heaters can be hung up on the wall to give more floor space.
  • Warranties: Most conventional tank-type water heaters have poor warranties but that's not the case with tankless options. Tankless warranties tend to be 1 year for parts and a 6-year tank warranty. Tankless on-demand water heaters generally have a 5-year warranty for parts and 15 years for the heat exchanger!

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