Connecticut Utility Companies Are Raving About Ductless Heat Pump Systems

Friday, September 1st, 2017 by Wayne Krasnow

Not Only Do They Recommend Them, They Offer BIG $ Incentives To Homeowners!

What Is A Ductless Heat Pump?

A Ductless Heat Pump is a whisper quiet, high-efficiency heating & cooling system for one room or your whole house. A typical Ductless Heat Pump system consists of an outdoor unit and one or more indoor units, mounted high on the wall. We can connect up to eight indoor units to one outdoor unit. They are connected by copper refrigerant lines. Each indoor unit is controlled by its own remote thermostat, allowing you to control the temperature for each room, independently.

What Is The Most Efficient Way To Heat Your Home?

Today’s technology offers highly efficient options to heat your home. Long ago the caveman used firewood to heat their caves because the dinosaurs hadn’t died yet, therefore fossil fuel was non-existent. Many cavemen probably died from carbon monoxide poisoning, but they saved a lot of money on their heating bills (and insurance). But seriously, we have come a long way. I have installed thousands of high-efficiency heating systems for Connecticut homeowners. A Ductless Hyper Heat system is a high efficient Heat Pump, which also provides the highest efficiency Air Conditioning for your home, all combined into one system. Now there will be no need for using those noisy, ugly window air conditioners anymore!

5 Key Factors Account for the High Efficiency of a Ductless Heat Pump System:

  • 1. A Ductless Heat Pump uses 60% less electricity than a home heated with straight electric heat and is even more efficient than most oil, gas or propane heating systems (up to 30% more efficient)
  • 2. Ductless systems allow the user to control each room’s temperature independently, eliminating the costly over-heating and cooling, common to central air systems. Why pay to heat or cool rooms that are not currently occupied?
  • 3. While central air systems lose as much as 30% efficiency through air leaks in the ductwork; ductless systems distribute air directly to each zone, resulting in greater efficiency.
  • 4. A ductless heat pump uses very little electricity to power a small compressor. These compressors only use as little energy as needed, even at extreme cold or hot outdoor temperatures. Hundreds of our customers call us to say how much money they saved by using their ductless heat pumps, compared to their old heating and/or cooling system. A ductless heat pump runs like a car on cruise control. It lets off on the energy usage when getting closer to the desired temperature and it ramps up when it needs to, always monitoring the indoor and outdoor temperatures, so that it uses as little energy as possible. Ductless Heat Pumps call their cruise control “Inverter Technology” which results in substantial energy and utility savings!
  • 5. Mitsubishi ductless systems have ultra-high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER) between 16 and 30.5, and Heating Seasonal Performance Factors (HSPF) between 8.5 and 13.5. The higher the number, the higher the efficiency.

3 Reasons Why You May Be CRAZY If You Heat Your Home with Traditional Electric Heat in CT!

  • 1. You own your whole home and you are probably confined to a few rooms. You don’t want to turn on all of the electric heaters because it will cost a fortune. That is no way to live.
  • 2. Connecticut’s electricity rates are one of the highest in the continental United States.
  • 3. You are paying more than anyone else to heat your home.

A Ductless Heat Pump will provide economic relief for homeowners that heat with electricity. A pilot program from the Connecticut Utility Companies was conducted to test the feasibility of using Ductless Heat Pumps in comparison to a home where electric heat was the primary heating source. The evaluation estimated significant savings (between 30% and 60%) as well as reducing the summer air conditioning electrical consumption.

Additionally, the majority of Ductless Heat Pump users are very satisfied with the quality of the heating and cooling.

A Great Alternative or Addition for Your Complete Home Comfort.

Heat pumps, with the recent technology advancement, are much more efficient today, so their total energy costs are lower than oil, propane and natural gas.
In the past, Heat Pumps had a bad rap in colder climates, like Connecticut, but the newer technology allows the heat pump to heat your home more efficiently than any other conventional furnace or boiler, even in colder climates.
You also never have to worry about a dirty chimney, smell of oil or gas leaks.
Traditional oil and gas heating can be an expensive way to heat your home, so you should consider adding a ductless heat pump to dramatically offset the cost… Everyone else is. If you heat with oil, LP or gas, you are probably spending between $1000 and $2000 annually on heating oil, and possibly more based on fluctuating fuel prices.

To upgrade your old heating system, four options generally include:

  1. Keep maintaining the old furnace.
  2. Replace it with a new higher efficient oil furnace.
  3. Switch to Natural Gas.
  4. Switch over to Propane and have big propane tanks outside your home.
  5. Install an inverter driven heat pump, which is the easiest and most economical choice.

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