Ductless Air Conditioning or Ductless Heat Pump?

Friday, February 22nd, 2019 by Wayne Krasnow

Ductless Air Conditioner vs Ductless Heat Pump... The Ductless Heat Pump wins, hands down evertime.

Ductless Air Conditioning or Ductless Heat Pump? - Image 1

A Ductless Air Conditioner will only provide cooling. 

A Ductless Heat Pump will provide high efficiency heating, high efficiency cooling and dehumidification. 

You will invest $5,000+ to have a ductless air conditioning unit installed. A ductless heat pump will only be a few hundred dollars more. It doesn't really make sense to just buy a cooling only unit.

Yeah... most people say "I only need it for cooling". BUT... on that cold winter day when your furnace or boiler breaks down, you will wish you invested that few hundred dollars. A click of a switch on the ductless remote controller and you would have had heating from your high efficiency ductless heat pump.

Ductless Heat Pumps can be installed in just about any room and are more efficient than most traditional heating and air conditioning systems.

Air, Inc. has installed thousands of Ductless Heat Pump and Air Conditioning systems throughout CT.

Ductless in Branford, Ductless in East Haven, Ductless in Madison, Ductless in Clinton, Ductless in Milford, Ductless in West Haven, Ductless in Orange… as you can see, Air, Inc. installs Ductless Heat Pumps and some Ductless Air Conditioning systems all over CT.

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