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Ductless Heat Pump Brands


Air, Inc. has installed thousands of ductless heat pump systems and many brands since 1991. We get nothing but praises from nearly every customer owning a ductless heat pump, regardless of which brand they chose.


Top Ductless Heat Pump Brands

Mitsubishi, Carrier, Fujitsu, LG, Samsung, and Daikin are the top brands of Ductless heat Pumps in the Connecticut. Each of these Ductless heat pump brands has their own benefits. The common benefit is ENERGY SAVINGS.


Energy Rebates

Utility companies in CT and around the US are offering generous rebates to homeowners that purchase ductless systems with high efficiency ratings (Energy Star).


Ductless Parts Warranties

The manufacturers have warranties for parts, which vary from 5 years to 12 years. They parts warranty may be less years than the compressor warranty. The warranty may als depend Installation Contractors status with the manufacturer. Each manufacturer has a different level of installing contractor such as: Silver, Gold, Elite, Diamond Elite, etc.. As Air, Inc is a  Diamond Elite Contractor for Mitsubishi, we are able to offer a 12 year parts and a 12 year compressor warranty.


Ductless Heat Pump Installation Contractor

It is usually the contractor and installers that every homeowner needs to worry about, not the brand of ductless heat pump. A poor installation will lead to poor performance of any brand of ductless system. 


Contractor Labor Warranties

Labor warranties are controlled by the installing contractor and are typically 1 to 2 years. Air, Inc offers a 2 year labor warranty on every installation, regardless of the the brand.


Ductless Academy Award Goes To

Mitsubishi led the way to inverter technology, which every major brand has adopted.

The inverter technology paved the way for increased comfort while saving you the most amount of money in your energy bills.

Mitsubishi invented H2i Hyper Heat technology and all of the other manufactures raced to as well. H2i Hyper heat has changed the heat pump world, by allowing the ability to utilize heat pumps in colder climate areas (Even in temperatures below 0 degrees F).


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