Our customers LOVE Ductless!

Tuesday, December 10th, 2019 by Tracie Sauro-Hood

Our customers LOVE saving money with their Ductless systems! They tell us how quiet and efficient they are! Here are some reviews from our satisfied customers:


Brittany Van Steeden
After years of relying on window AC units, this past summer I decided to invest in ductless units. I’m so glad I choose Air Inc. for the job. They were professional, informative, and had the best pricing out of 4 different companies I quoted. The installers were very friendly and enjoyed petting my 2 cats. I will definitely be using them again for any future HVAC needs.

Shana Keirn

We recently had a ductless system installed by Air and could not be more delighted. I was nervous about doing any type of update to our system because our home is so old (built in the 1800s) but we were reassured that everything would go smoothly and seamless. Boy were they right! Thank you so much for our new ductless system, I am so glad we no longer need to work about paying heavy oil bills this winter! Thank you sooooo much AIR inc, haven't stopped telling my friends and family yet!
Bob Glick
The professional treatment that my wife and I received from Air Inc staff is second to none. Based upon the balance of this review, you can easily understand why I am giving Air Inc a 5-star rating. Air Inc offers several heat pump product lines and their senior staff was meticulous in helping me select the 5-port package that would work well in my house. We ultimately selected a segment of the Daikin product line that has been very successful used in Europe for decades. There were not only technical specifications that had to be researched and met, but also aesthetic considerations, as well. Before selecting Air Inc, I spoke with vendors from other" reputable" companies; however, I felt as though, in each case, their salesperson had an agenda for steering me toward a specific product line that I ultimately determined for myself would either not be a good fit or was significantly overpriced. At Air Inc, I encountered none of this negativity and received a wealth of engineering cooperation from this vendor. Air Inc's staff professionally installed 5 air distribution handlers and their related compressor at my home within one workday. No mess. No dirt. The nature of my project was such that some of the mini-split line sets had to pass through a series of closets. Making the line sets blend in with the exterior siding required a demonstrated skill that I have rarely seen matched at other non-Air Inc job sites. Two days post-installation, an Air Inc principal came to my house to personally build custom enclosures for the line sets that pass through the closets. By contrast, the other vendors told me, ".. attending to the cosmetics would be my problem." The Daikin equipment is working well. No complaints.




David Carty

I received an estimate for a Carrier ductless mini split in December 2017. Told my salesperson that I’ll be looking to install in Spring or early summer 2018. Contacted my salesman in late June and told him I was ready to proceed with the system install. We immediately set a date two weeks out. They installed my four zone system in two days. I very happy the work they did, and most of all the units are very quiet. This is one of my best investments ever. I could never go go back to window air conditioner units. Too noisy. The ductless mini splits are the best. Carriers are good.



Marie Hoynack

We are extremely pleased with our Mitsubishi Ductless AC install. Mark & Will we’re extremely polite and efficient. They took much care in keeping everything clean. Excellent job and would recommend them for any installation.



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