True Home Comfort

Monday, March 30th, 2020 by Wayne Krasnow

True Home Comfort is the ability to set the desired temperature in each room, controlled by the individual person in that room.

It is up to you as to what temperature makes you feel comfortable.

I like the bedroom temperature to be 70 degrees in the summer and 73 degrees in the winter. 

My son complains that his room is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. 

My daughter would say her bedroom was too hot in the winter. 

This is what happens when we use a central heating and air conditioning system.

A central heating and air conditioning system, without proper zoning, is a less efficient way to make your whole family comfortable or uncomfortable.

Think of this… setting one thermostat (usually in a hallway), to the desired temperature and all of the rooms start heating or cooling. Everyone in the house is putting on a sweater, covering with a blanket or removing clothes to be comfortable. While the whole system is running, your electric meter or your gas meter is spinning out of control or your oil tank is quickly emptying. Your heating bills skyrocket to about $300 a month or more and your central AC makes your electric bills reach over $250 per month.

Having one thermostat is like having one light switch that turns on all of the lights in your home or one faucet to turn on all of the sinks and showers.

Ductless Heat Pumps are the answer for achieving true home comfort, while using a fraction of the energy of traditional central heating and air conditioning systems.

A heat pump is an air conditioning system that also heats your home. It simply reverses it's refrigerant cycle from cooling to heating. 

A ductless heat pump system always consists of at least one outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is piped to an individual indoor unit or multiple indoor units.

Bedrooms will normally have individual indoor units. (Ex: One for the master bedroom, one for the kid's bedroom, and if the guests are nice, one for the guest bedroom)

Any open areas, like a kitchen, living room, and dining room can usually use one indoor unit to heat and cool that area.

The scenario mentioned above would normally be designed as a 4 Zone Ductless System. Each unit independently controlled by the occupant in that room, for their desired temperature.

This can also be designed a few different ways because there are other options of indoor units available, other than the traditional wall hung units. There are indoor units that can be installed in the attic or basement to take care of two small bedrooms or a master bedroom with a master bathroom or a walk in closet. 

The design of your ductless system is engineered by our factory trained Home Comfort Consultants. What outdoor unit will be needed, what type of indoor unit(s) should be used, and what other installation materials will be needed for your specific home.

A ductless heat pump is powered by electricity… now don’t be scared. They use much less electricity than a central heating or cooling system and even less than window AC units.

The electricity for a ductless heat pump is used to power a small efficient compressor. These compressors only use as little energy as needed, even at extreme cold or hot outdoor temperatures. Hundreds of our customers call us to say how much money they saved by using their ductless heat pumps. A ductless heat pump runs like a car on cruise control. It lets off on the energy usage when getting closer to the desired temperature and it ramps up when it needs to, always monitoring the indoor and outdoor temperatures, so that it uses as little energy as possible. Ductless Heat Pumps call their cruise control “Inverter Technology” which results in substantial energy and utility savings!  



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